Sis. Cora Patterson – Special Events Coordinator

Sister Patterson can be contacted at the church office via (718) 978-5777

Bro. Lamont Bailey – Technical  Director

Bro. Bailey is the Technical Director of New Jerusalem. He has oversight over all of the Technical Ministries that make up the Media Ministry including the audio, video, screens & image projection (IMAG), media duplication and website ministries.

His work involves a combination of hands-on and oversight of all of the technical aspects of worship gatherings and special events.

Bro. Bailey can be contacted at 
Phone: (718) 978-5777
Fax: 877 225-2932

Sis. Alice Jones & Sis. Lisa Nero – Wedding Coordinators

The Wedding Coordinators can be contacted through the Worship Center office at (718) 978-5777.