Performing Ministries

All choirs are under the direction of the Minister of Music, Min. Debi Dixon, and the Music Director, Professor Martin Christie.

Please use the ministry titles below to learn more about each ministry.

Mass Choir

The Mass Choir consists of a combination of voices from all the NJWC choirs.

Singing Time(s): First and Third Sundays

KLM Choir

The purpose of the Kevin L. Miller Jr. Youth/Young Adult Choir is to praise God through song while also honoring the memory of our young brother, Kevin, who was taken from this life far too soon. Although we are still saddened, we are firm believers that all things work together for the good of those that love God and are called according to his purpose. God was able to take this tragedy and turn it into an opportunity for him to get the glory. Our desire, therefore, is to commit to a higher level of worship, through song.

As a part of the music ministry we assist the Pastor and other ministries by enriching morning worship service as well as any other services that we are asked to participate in. We also seek to engage in opportunities to fellowship with and serve people, not just inside of New Jerusalem but outside as well.

We don’t see ourselves as a “youth” choir or a “young adult” choir, but rather as a choir that speaks to and can minister to all generations. Our goal is simply to give God the praise in which he is due and lead others to do the same.

Meeting Time(s): Saturdays at 12:30

Nissi Elohim Flag and Banner Ministry

Jehovah-Nissi is the name given by Moses to the altar which he built to celebrate the defeat of the Amalekites at Rephidim.   Jehovah–Nissi – THE LORD OUR BANNER Elohim indicates that God is full of creating mighty governing power.  The power of God’s word brought all  things into existence. Elohim is the power, kingdom and glory which signifies a covenant relationship which is forever faithful to keep.

Flags are used as instruments in a praise and worship experience. Flags are outward demonstration of what you feel inside. Flags are used to edify the body of Christ. Flags define the focus of ministry – intercession, warfare, worship or celebration. The flags make a proclamation before heaven and earth, angels and demons through the one raising the flag whom the flag bearer represents.  

The flag bearer is raising the standard to rally the troops in spiritual unity.  The flag minister must be led by the Holy Spirit, who is also guiding the worship leader and the covering of the house.  We try to remain submitted to the Lord to ensure order and be able to move in power through the unified body.

The flag may speak to the hearts of the people toward God or God’s heart toward His people. The flag proclaims the kingdom  of God and declares our authority over the powers of darkness.

We raise our flags in victory as we go into battle, giving honor to the One who has already won our battles.  We remain obedient to God’s calling at all times as we glorify God and disrupt the enemy’s kingdom.  We lift up the name of the Lord as we worship HIM in spirit and in truth.

Praise and Worship Ministry

As God’s earthen vessels, we desire to lead His people to a deeper understanding of Him through worship and to prepare their minds, hearts and spirits to receive God’s word. For in 1 Chronicles 25, it is written that God called a very specific group, the Levites, to perform the task of leading worship in the temple. This shows us that God saw fit to have worship leaders and used them not only in the temple, but also to lead His people in Spiritual Warfare and battle. As such, we propose to do the following: 

  1. Effectively lead and encourage others to consistently worship God, not only during Sunday Worship Services, but during their daily walk with God.
  2. Use songs that encourage, inspire and help set the atmosphere for the receiving of God’s Word, through His chosen messenger.
  3. Minister in such a way that strongholds are broken and souls are set free and reclaimed for God.

Proskuneo Dance Ministry

The mission of the Proskuneo Liturgical Dance Ministry is to praise and worship God and to minister to the saved and unsaved through the gift of Liturgical dance. In addition, our goals are to serve God and to support our Pastor, church and community through the ministry of dance.

To transform each movement into an expression of praise, worship, warfare, faith, agreement, consecration and dedication, binding and loosing, deliverance and prophetic intercession. These sacred movements of expression are defined by our purpose and structure; through prayer, bible study and rehearsal.

To provide a spiritual foundation that will equip each member to educate others of this universal language of ministry and to recognize their individual gifts and talents bestowed upon them by God and their responsibility to worship the Father in spirit and truth.